A Mother First | Why I Decided to Sell my Blog

Hi all! My name is Cj, from Give Oh Giveaway Blog and this week I was presented with one of the most difficult decisions that I have had to face in a LONG time, “To blog or NOT to blog?”.

Give Oh Giveaway, sell my blog

Now I know that sounds a little silly to someone that isn’t a blogger, or maybe has a severe challenge in the life, but for the last year this blog HAS BEEN MY LIFE! I decided one day that I didn’t just want to enter the giveaways anymore but I wanted to host them. I came up with a creative and searchable name Give oh Giveaway and told my friends, “I am going to be one of the biggest and the best in no time, You just watch!”

Boy, did I blow that statement out of the water. I had set a goal to reach 10,000 Facebook fans in the first year (by February 24th 2013). That date just passed and I just hit 30,000 fans! I networked, I worked hard, I stayed up late, I wrote reviews, I posted giveaways, I made so many good friends, I posted while we were on vacation, I snuck out of bed after my hubby was asleep so I could work a little more….I WORKED Hard!

Give Oh Giveaway, sell my blog

Every once in a while, my dear husband would remind me that this was my fun hobby and not worth me staying up until the wee hours of the morning to work on. I would usually ignore him and end up dragging the entire next day, as I also carry the title and the duties of “Stay at home Mom.” My girls (age 2, 4, & 6) were really patient with me and really enjoyed the fun things we received in the mail daily.

I thought I had a pretty good balance on things. UNTIL one day when my girls had asked me to play barbies with them and I was in a rush to get a giveaway written up that was DUE in an hour. I told them I would when I was done. So they started without me. My 6 year old was the “baby barbie” and my 4 year old was the “Mommy barbie”:

Give Oh Giveaway, sell my blog

6 year old: Mommy, can I have an apple please?

4 year old: Yes, just let me post this blog post really quick, one minute.

6 year old: Ok…..(waited a little bit) Mommy, can I have an apple now please?

4 year old: Yes, just 1 minute, I have to post it on Facebook now. Hold on.

6 year old: Ok…..(waited a little bit) Mommy, can I have an apple now please, please, please?

4 year old: UGH I just need to post this, can you wait just one minute?! Hold on PLEASE!

WOW, break my heart. I instantly thought of this quote that hung in my parents bedroom while I was growing up, “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”~David O McKay When my precious daughters feel 2nd to my blog….THAT is NOT OK! (great-now I am crying again!)

I love, love, love my blog and that I grew it from 1 fan to 30,000 fans in 1 years time. I love reviewing products and sharing my opinions with everyone. I LOVE giving things away and making people happy. I love making friends with the fans and with other bloggers….and I will be honest, it feels good to have 30k people “LIKE” you! Give Oh Giveaway is so ME and the thing I like to do for fun….BUT, these words are true “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”

I initially thought about just scaling back or maybe have another person help me out….but I know myself and I always give 100% into what I am doing. I would maybe “lay back” for a week or 2, but before I knew it, I would be telling my girls to “wait a minute while I post this”. So the question “To Blog or NOT to blog?” had a pretty easy answer to figure out at this point.

As hard as it is for me to stop blogging when my site is growing at an incredible rate, I KNOW it is the best choice for me and for my family. My little girls are only going to be little for a little while. I know it would be my greatest regret in life if I “blogged” away their childhood. We may get cool “Stuff” all the time….but it is just that….stuff. In 10 years I don’t want them to remember me sitting at the computer posting giveaways, I want them to remember me painting toenails, playing barbies, reading books, baking cookies, and being there WITH them! This choice was a hard one and it is a choice each blogger in this situation has to decide for themselves.

Give Oh Giveaway, sell my blog

God has given me 3 beautiful daughters and a loving husband and this time in my life my time should be spent with them….but don’t you worry… I WILL be back and again I plan to be one of the biggest and the best in NO time! :)

You can check out my blog Give oh Giveaway. I am currently taking bids on my site until March 8th. Email giveohgiveaway@gmail.com for more information!


  1. That was so well written, CJ! I keep coming back to read it again and again!

  2. April Stephens says:

    CJ, I think you are an incredible MOMMY. You inspire me. I am always TRYING to scale it back. However, it never lasts. I get sucked back in again! Thanks for the food for thought. Love you bunches, my friend!