A Rope Swing and a Little Girl

Kid Krazed - swing, rope swing

Welcome to Kid Krazed! We are planning some exciting things here.  We are building a place for all things kids! Whether it be health, home schooling, crafts, DIY projects, toys – we are planning a little of it all! Grab a cup of coffee or a nice cold drink and come share our journey with us!

To start us on our journey, I wanted to give you a little background about our site header. We have chosen the little girl in the rope swing for our header because of a special significance in my life.  Rope swings bring back some very cherished and happy memories of my childhood. I would like to tell you why they are extra special to me, but first let me fill you in on a little about my childhood. My childhood, unfortunately, was filled with a lot of sadness and loss. I lost my mother and father when I was only 7 years old to an unimaginable horror that I witnessed. As a child, it was very traumatic and hard. It was a life altering, disturbing and sad time. It destroyed part of my childhood. As horrible as it was, this was a beginning to a new chapter of my life. It was at this time, I went to live my grandmother and grandfather.

My grandparents lived in an old farmhouse out in the country. It was a typical farm with farm animals in the middle of nowhere. There were cows, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats. It was a very different way of life than I was used to. It was the beginning of a new life for me.

That old farmhouse holds several memories for me. One of my memories is of the night time. At night, with the windows up, I could hear the crickets chirping, bull frogs croaking and all the sounds of the night. It was a peaceful sound that made me feel safe and secure. It was my lullabye for sleep. But, my most cherished memory is of an old rope swing on the front porch.

The porch stretched the length of the house, which was typical of old farmhouses back then. My grandfather knew I loved to swing. One day, he brought home a piece of wood. I watched as he sawed it and put some holes in it. Then, he attached pieces of rope. Then he hung the swing on one end of the porch for me. It was my very own rope swing! I fell in love with that old rope swing and would swing for hours! I loved to swing high, letting my hair sweep the old porch floor. The wind would rush over my face. The faster I went, the higher I went. It felt as if I could fly up and touch the sky! It was a feeling of exhilaration and bouncy.

After a while, I would let the swing come to a slow sway. I would sit swaying back and forth in the summer breeze. It would become almost hypnotic. I could smell the magnolia blossoms, from the big tree in the front yard, filling the air. I could hear the sounds of the farm animals. Somewhere in the distance, I could hear my grandfather on his tractor and my grandmother rattling dishes in the kitchen. The sounds, the smells, and the tranquility of it all somehow made my world right again. Somewhere and somehow, during this time, my young spirit starting healing and filling with life again. Life was somehow going to be alright again!

That old rope swing holds a special place in my memories now. Even though I had been through a horrible tragedy, that rope swing let me soar above it all! I could escape the turmoil in my young mind and find peace. By finding this peace, my spirit healed and I found the courage and strength to carry me onward to yet another chapter of my life.

Is there something that transports you back time to a different place and time? A special place, a smell, an object? Do you have a memory that gave you inspiration to succeed?


  1. Ever since giving birth to my daughter I have become afraid that I might die before she is grown. What would her life be like if that happened? There are times when I have been on one side of a window, and she on another, and I have thought… this must be what it is like when you die… looking through a window at your child — unable to touch.

    As terrible as it is to imagine what your life must have been like, Diane, suddenly losing your parents at a young age — I must tell you that your story gives me hope. It is important for me, as a mother, to reflect that life goes on… that it is possible to grow up without your mother and still live a whole life.

    Thank you for sharing this story… and thank you for creating this space. I am so looking forward to watching Kid Krazed grow and blossom!

    • Thank you and thanks for sharing! Sometimes things happen for a reason that we don’t know or understand. I am sure your little girl would would survive and be able to build again… Life does go on. But life is precious, so just keep filling her up with your good love so she will carry it with her always. Thank you again for sharing your story!

  2. April Stephens says:

    Wow. Thank you for sharing those stories ladies! I enjoyed reading them.

    Thinking about my childhood brings memories of moving to the country when I was ten years old. We had very simple neighbors across the street that were farmers. They were good people. Those were the days when your neighbors actually came over and visited you! :) I remember them having an outhouse instead of indoor plumbing and that was just so amazing to me! Ha! The good times were sitting on their front porch with their grandson. He was the only kid around for miles and we had a blast together! From eating watermelon on the front porch while watching the cars go by, to running bare foot through the woods. I can’t believe I used to do that!! It was just careless fun.
    Thanks for helping me to remember. :) Best of luck on your new site.

  3. Love this so touching!