My name is Diane and I am the mom behind Kid Krazed.  When I raised my son and daughter, I didn’t have two nickels to spare.  These days, I love spoiling my grandbaby!

I am passionate about animals and an an animals rights activist. You can find me and my many fur-babies over at Miss Molly Says.  I am also passionate about helping young moms save money… find me at Koupon Krazed.  You can also read more about what we are planning and why we chose our little girl in the rope swing as our header!

We have a wonderful vision for Kid Krazed!  We plan on offering parenting tips, crafts, DIY, kid friendly recipes, health subjects, toys, books – anything and everything kids.  Our hope is to become a relaxed mom community where we can all visit, ask questions and learn from each other!

If you are a sponsor and would like a product review or giveaway, we have a team of lovely mom bloggers that you will love working with!  Or, if you are a mom that would just like to chat, shoot me an email at kidkrazed1@yahoo.com or use the contact form.