Avocado Art: This one will float your boat!

I’m a big fan of edible crafts!  This one was inspired by the Avocado Boats we saw over at Funky Lunch!  They looked so simple that they were genius.  And since I am also a big fan of no-cook meals during the hot summer months… these had extra appeal.

Avocado Art

Photo Credit: Funky Lunch


2 Avocados
Red Onion
Bread Sticks

We did not have all of the necessary items on hand… So my assistant made a shopping list for our missing ingredients.

Avocado Art


1) Cut two avocados in half.
2) Remove pits.
3) Scoop avocado out of the rind.
4) In a separate bowl, mash avocado, ½ squeezed lemon, and some finely chopped red onion.
5) Return the mashed mixture to two halves of the rind.
6) Add a breadstick each for the masts.
7) Cut pita bread and attach for sails.

Avocado Art

Can a kitchen project be too easy?  This one would certainly be a candidate.  Ready in minutes & such a delightful, tasty treat!  Highly recommend.

Avocado Art

If you have any simple, kid-friendly recipe ideas, please feel free to share!  If you have pictures we will showcase on our Facebook page! 

Cai Dixon is a mom and co-creator of Copy-Kids. Copy-Kids makes video content encouraging positive habits in young children by encouraging them to copy other kids. Their debut release is a DVD entitled Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables. In it you’ll find children joyfully eating fruits and vegetables. Kids watching it want to join in. It’s that simple. And it’s effective. Find them at Copy Kids.



  1. Excellent work, they look great! I think that is the first picture I’ve seen of somebody else making them, so I’m pleased to see they came out ok!

    • Thank you Mark! Coming from you, that is an especially wonderful compliment! Love the work you are doing over at Funky Lunch & will keep following along for more inspiration!