Freezing? Warm Up with Hearty Chili

Mommy MD Guides, Battling the Bathing Suit Blues?

As I type here at my desk, my fingers feeling a bit numb, I thought about which of my favorite recipes would be best for dinner tonight. Of course I thought of Hearty Chili. As I typed it, I realized how ironic its name is! But yes, chili can indeed warm you up! My coauthor […]

Baking Sugar Cookies: A holiday tradition with a spicy twist!

Baking Sugar Cookies

This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of McCormick. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. In our home baking cookies is a big part of the holiday season.  Ginger snaps, oatmeal pecan and sugar cookies are some of our favorites!  This year we decided to try a new sugar cookie […]

Avocado Art: This one will float your boat!

Avocado Art

I’m a big fan of edible crafts!  This one was inspired by the Avocado Boats we saw over at Funky Lunch!  They looked so simple that they were genius.  And since I am also a big fan of no-cook meals during the hot summer months… these had extra appeal. Photo Credit: Funky Lunch Ingredients: 2 Avocados […]

Smorgastarta: Swedish Sandwich Cake


I’ve been exploring no-cook recipes in the kitchen lately.  It’s been too hot to want to cook! (But not too hot to want to eat.)  So I stumbled upon a delightful Swedish sandwich cake over at Panini Happy Blog – which is visually stunning and conceptually brilliant.  I could not wait to give it a try! […]

Watermelon Cake: So easy and so good!

Watermelon Cake

I have a new obsession… it’s watermelon cake!  Imagine a cake so healthy you could eat it every day!  (Well, except for the whipped cream.)  This cake is really fun, super yummy, and delightfully easy to make!  So what do you need to make a watermelon cake?  Just a few simple ingredients… Ingredients: Watermelon Whipped […]

Funbites Review & Smoothie Recipe

Fun Bites

Funbites makes super-cute food cutters designed to make feeding children easier and much more fun.  These darling cutters were designed by a mom whose daughter was a picky eater.  She needed a little more pizazz in her meals to motivate healthy eating & so she came up with Funbites. We tested it out and we couldn’t […]

Mixed Berry Smoothie Recipe


The weather is finally warming up – which means it is time to make some delicious, homemade smoothies. It’s a great kitchen activity to do with kids; so wonderfully simple and instantly gratifying. It’s also a great way to get some extra healthy calories into your children. We love mixed berry smoothies in our house. […]

10 Easy Steps for Young Children to Make a Healthy Omelette

Easy Steps for Young Children to Make a Healthy Omelette

Cooking with your child is a fun way to spend quality time together. Cooking is a highly educational activity as well as it involves lessons in nutrition, math, science and literacy. It is important for children to learn self care skills, such as cooking, so that they have a repertoire of things that foster their […]

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Most parents know how frustrating it can be to get your kids to eat well. When getting my son to eat all of his fruits and vegetables became a challenge, I had to get creative. First, I made a treasure map with different fruits and vegetables and I took him to the supermarket so he […]

Ladybug Birthday Cake | Make Your Little One Smile

Ladybug Cake

Birthday cakes are an important part of celebrating any child’s birthday. But, they can also be very costly. Well, we have a Ladybug birthday cake recipe that would be adorable for any little one’s birthday – without breaking the bank! With just a few extra steps, you can have a professional looking cake that is […]