Onyx Pop Molds Review Healthy Frozen Rainbow Pops


I have been wanting to try making healthy frozen rainbow pops. So when these beautiful stainless steel pop molds arrived — I knew it was time to experiment! These pop molds from Onyx are beyond genius. You can remove one pop at a time instead of thawing the whole lot like traditional molds. This works […]

FunPod Review & Enter for a Chance to Win Your Own FunPod Giveaway!


FunPod Review & Enter for a Chance to Win Your Own FunPod Giveaway! Tayva is the mighty munchkin living next door. She is 16-months-old but considers herself on a par with my six-year-old. Alana (Tayva’s mother) and I are always marveling at how well our daughters play together considering their significant age difference. Although Tayva […]

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review: Gummy Bear Popsicles


Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review: Gummy Bear Popsicles It is hot today. Really, really, really hot. Popsicle hot. So this arrived: And since it’s 98 degrees out right now we need it fast! *7 – 9 minutes. Perfect! Here are my supplies. (I think I am about to win mother-of-the-year!) Gummy bears in lemonade — […]

Head Over Heels about Gymnastics!

Head Over Heels about Gymnastics!

Is there an ideal time to start gymnastics?  I don’t know.  I know that an Olympic athlete might start as early as 2 or 3.  I’m not trying to raise a champion, just a well-balanced kid who has confidence moving her body… so beginning at 5 seemed okay to me.  When Bella was five I […]

Thrively: Find activities to help your child thrive!

Thrively: Find activities to help your child thrive!

Bella and I just finished her strengths assessment at Thrively.  We went through a series of questions and selected answers which most closely reflected her thoughts and feelings.  The result was astoundingly accurate!  Several very interesting classes in our area were recommended to us based on the results.  Super simple.  You will want to give this […]

Squooshi: Reusable pouches for squishy food

Squooshi Reusable Pouches

What can I say about this clever product that has not already been said elsewhere?  Squooshi reusable pouches are amazing from start to finish!  The first thing you will notice, of course, is how friggin’ adorable they are – the characters have personality, the colors really pop.  Any child is going to be over-the-moon delighted […]

Yummy Baby Gifts: Design Extraordinaire

Yummy Baby Gifts

I love good design. If you know me, you know that I am as passionate about the appearance of a gift as I am about the content. I am especially choosy when selecting baby gifts. I want great presentation and great value. I want high quality, useful items. I want it to be memorable and […]

Babytionary: Understanding the language of babies!


Have you ever stared at a baby, unsure of what she is trying to say to you?  Have you ever wished for a language decoder to help you decipher the meaning?  Welcome to Babytionary — a book where such a thing exists.  And all is well… until the day the decoder breaks… and the main […]

Boba – The Most Comfortable Infant Carrier on the Market


Sponsored by Boba Hosted by Kid Krazed and Koupon Krazed This is the Boba Air — a seriously cool carrier that is far and away the most comfortable on the market.  And believe me, I have tried MANY!  It is lightweight, with upper clasps, way more comfortable than the Ergo.  It’s supportive material fits the […]

GoodNites Underwear Undercover Mission | Our Secret Weapon

GoodNites Underwear Undercover Mission

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Have you got a little one starting into potty training, or one that may have an occasional night time accident? Our little one, Kailey, is just starting on her big adventure of being a ‘big girl’. […]