Dolly Got a Boo-Boo? Send Her to the Hospital!

American Girl Doll Hospital

If your little girl is lucky enough to own an American Girl doll and her doll ever gets broken or torn – do not despair!  American Girl has a doll hospital.  Just send your doll in and within 3 weeks, she will be good as new.  I was so surprised and delighted when I discovered this that […]

Cookin’ Up Imaginative Play with Kitchen Sets

Imaginative Play, Wooden Kitchen Sets

Our resident toy expert, Brittany Wendland of Cow and Lizard, had some reflections to share with Kid Krazed on setting up an ideal play kitchen environment for your child. “As a child, my friends and I transformed a place under a tree in our backyard into our special kitchen. With boxes, crates, boards and other […]