Cookin’ Up Imaginative Play with Kitchen Sets

Imaginative Play, Wooden Kitchen Sets

Our resident toy expert, Brittany Wendland of Cow and Lizard, had some reflections to share with Kid Krazed on setting up an ideal play kitchen environment for your child.

“As a child, my friends and I transformed a place under a tree in our backyard into our special kitchen. With boxes, crates, boards and other odds & ends, we constructed a pint-sized kitchen. We gathered tin foil pie plates, cracked dishes, rusted utensils and whatever else our moms would let us take from their kitchens. We mixed, stirred and whipped up delicious mud pies to serve anyone who would play with us.

Today, there are many child-sized wooden kitchen sets and accessories that are designed to support dramatic and group play with open-ended activities. These toys encourage creativity and stimulate imagination for many hours of play. Special kitchen play areas can be created with their vast line of kitchen toys. Start with the larger items such as a kitchen center which is two-sided with an oven, storage area, sink, dishwashing unit and cooking utensil holder or the kitchen set which comes with a stove, oven and utensils holder shelf. There are also individual pieces such as a refrigerator with an ice cube dispenser, a dishwasher set with a sink and tap, a kitchen stove with utensil holder and shelf, and a washing machine with a spinning tub and pull-out detergent dispenser. The play kitchen can then be outfitted with a BBQ grill, microwave, toaster, cooking utensils, tableware set, food & beverage set, tea set, chef set, baking utensils, breakfast menu, fruits, vegetables, meats and breads. It can also be expanded to add a market stall stocked with fruits & vegetables, a cash register, balancing scale and a shopping cart. The modern table & chairs can be added for tea parties and mealtimes.

Cooking time will provide endless hours of fun. Parents can teach children the names of the various food and kitchen items. Children role play different characters while preparing and cooking food which will help develop planning, sorting and counting skills. The fruits, vegetables and meats can be cut in half to let kids match them and join the pieces together again. Kids can discover the fun of cooking as they use the baking and cooking utensils to measure, mix and prepare all sorts of tasty foods for delicious meals. The table can be set with the tableware as children learn the proper placement of each piece. A chef apron and oven mitts make the cooking play more realistic and can be used when helping Mom and Dad prepare meals. The possibilities are endless as children role play family members, restaurant workers, bakers and chefs.”

“A wooden play kitchen set will provide hours of fun for kids and will become an heirloom toy for future generations to enjoy. Check out a large selection of quality wooden kitchen toys today!”

Brittany Wendland, owns Cow & Lizard, an online toy & clothing store specializing in natural toys and clothes for children. You can browse all the wonderful items at Cow & Lizard and stop in and visit with them on Facebook.


  1. Do you know who manufactured this kitchen in the picture? I found the stove/sink at Goodwill but would like to find the complimentary pieces.