Creative Twine Wrapped Eggs Craft

We have a fun and creative Twine Wrapped Eggs craft for you today! These decorative eggs make lovely year round decorations and adorable Easter eggs for the kids Easter baskets! They are inexpensive to make and they take very little time to do. The ones made here are done using Jute Twine, which will allow the eggs to be used year round for decoration. If the Jute Twine is something you like, you can actually add to it by adding embellishments such as a ring of lace, a little bow, cloth flowers or fun buttons!

Creative Twine Wrapped Eggs Craft

For Easter baskets, you can also use colored yarn. Using the colored yarn will allow you to have solid colored ones, stripes, and even multi colored ones. For little girl’s first Easter basket you could have a little cloth basket with pink eggs. For a little boy’s first Easter have blue eggs. Wouldn’t that be adorable?

Pink, blue, or yellow (as the occasion may warrant) yarn wrapped eggs would make a great center piece for a baby shower! Embellish a few with a lacy ribbon and then put them in a nice container or basket. It would be really lovely! Let’s take a look at how easy it really is!

Creative Twine Wrapped Eggs

Items you will need:

Plastic Eggs
Hot Glue Gun


1.  Put a little dab of hot glue on the end of the egg and attach the twine.

Creative Twine Wrapped Eggs Craft

2.  Start wrapping the twine around the egg. Continue to wrap around, periodically putting a dab of hot glue on the egg to keep the twine in place.

3.  Continue wrapping until the egg is completely covered. Making sure to put a dab of glue on the ending point.

That’s all there is to it!

Whether you are looking for year round decorations, eggs for a an Easter basket, or perhaps a baby shower piece, these twine wrapped eggs are fun and easy to do!

You can even get the kids involved. They will have fun helping choose the colors, unrolling the yarn and choosing embellishments, while Mom handles the hot glue gun! This twine wrapped eggs craft can turn a boring afternoon into creative fun and quality time with Mom!