Dolly Got a Boo-Boo? Send Her to the Hospital!

American Girl Doll Hospital, Dolly Got a Boo-Boo?

If your little girl is lucky enough to own an American Girl doll and her doll ever gets broken or torn – do not despair!  American Girl has a doll hospital.  Just send your doll in and within 3 weeks, she will be good as new.  I was so surprised and delighted when I discovered this that I thought I would share the details of it all with you.

Hospital services include:

Wellness Visit – Skin cleaned, hair brushed hospital gown, certificate, but no major “surgery.”  $28

Ear Piecing – That’s right!  Admit your American Girl doll and they will pierce her ears and send her home with six pairs of earrings. (This service is for 18″ American Girl dolls only.)  $14

Doll-sized Hearing Aid – Yep, hearing aids.  A permanent piercing is placed behind the doll’s ear to ensure the hearing aid is expertly fitted—in one or both ears. The hearing aids are removable. (This service is for 18″ American Girl dolls only.) $14

Hair Removal – If you daughter is going through chemo & her dolly needs to lose her hair too… American Girl can help out.  Admit her to the Doll Hospital and they will replace her head to create a doll without hair. Contact for pricing.

New Head – Same American Girl doll only.  Price varies depending on doll.

New Body – Torso & limbs. Price varies depending on doll.

Reattachment of Head or Limbs – $32.

Eye Replacement – Same eye color only. $28.

Special amenities:

Every doll who goes to the Doll Hospital gets her hair brushed and her skin cleaned before she’s discharged. Within three weeks, she’ll be on her way home with a smile on her face and special items to remember her stay, including:

·         Certificate of Good Health
·         Get Well card
·         Doll Hospital gown (plus a cap for Bitty Baby and socks for 18″ dolls)
·         Doll Hospital ID bracelet**ID Bracelet not included with Bitty Baby/Twins for safety reasons

Not sure if your doll accident warrants a trip to the hospital? Find solutions to some common concerns in American Girl’s Doll Care Questions section, or get a consult with an expert at 800-845-0005 or by e-mail at

Find out more about The American Girl Doll Hospital! And if anyone has an experience to share, we would love to hear about your dolly’s visit!

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  1. Thank you for this info! I didn’t know they did doll fixes but hallelujah!

  2. This is one reason I love the American Girl Doll line so much.