Fairy Garden: Make one for your Patio or Garden.


I’ve seen so many sweet fairy gardens on Pinterest. I thought we needed to build one for our yard. It was so much fun to create & continues to be a feature Bella plays with daily. Here’s how we did it…

We started by purchasing an enchanted pot at our local nursery. This one was on sale because it was slightly damaged. Fine, the fairies won’t mind a bit!


We also purchased a plant from the 99 cent section of the nursery. This is an ornamental cabbage.


Next we gathered stones and a few shells at the beach. Bella loves to gather stones & shells for no reason at all… so gathering them with a purpose was pure joy for her.


Then we borrowed from a pot already on our patio for the necessary soil and extra foliage…



This was a zero work art project for me once we had all the needed items. Bella was eager to construct the fairy garden all on her own.


After she built the fairy habitat, I just hosed down the area where she was working for super easy clean-up.


Bella added two pinecones from her collection… and a Fairy moved in right away!


The result was certainly enchanting! Our Spring Fairy was beyond delighted!


Bella built a path with the stones. It was a long path.


This was just the touch our patio needed!


The Spring Fairy was so happy that she invited all her friends to play.


They had a party and everyone agreed that it was the most wonderful garden event they had attended in a long, long time. The end.


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