Frugal Family Fun | Affording Family Fun When Mom Stays Home

Frugal Family Fun

Almost 9 years ago I became pregnant with my son, Steven. At the time I was working full time at a Staffing Company as the Office Manager. I did sales – I loved it – I was good at it – and I worked 50-60 hours a week. I had every intention of coming back to work after Steven was born.

But when I held him in my arms for the first time, something changed in me. I was no longer in a rush to find daycare (I had a 3 month maternity leave) and all my thoughts were centered around him. As my maternity leave came to a close, I reserved Steven a spot with a home daycare. It was on my way to and from work. The lady was very nice and Steven would be in a smaller environment. We drove there one afternoon to fill out the paperwork and on our way home the lady called my cell phone. She said that a past client wanted to come back to her and since she had been there before, she would get the last opening that Steven was going to get.

We then looked in a daycare across the street from my husband’s work. We figured he would be able to visit :) We reserved Steven’s spot over the phone. By the time we got there to fill out the paperwork, they told us that there had been a mistake, there was not actually an opening. They had given it away that morning.

That was two doors closed. We took that as a sign that I was supposed to stay home, and I did. I have now been home for over 8 years and I love it. In that 8 years my family has seen 4 pay cuts, the birth of my beautiful daughter, the loss of insurance for me and the kids, and a mortgage that is much higher than what the house is worth anymore.

I know many of us have experienced these same things and I have learned that even though times can be hard…really hard….we are still able to have fun as a family. It may take a little creativity and a little planning, but we can still have FUN.

And that’s why I started my blog – Having Fun Saving. I blog about frugal deals, coupons, and fun store finds but you will also find recipes and frugal family fun ideas. Watch for coming post on frugal family fun things for you and your family to do!