Funbites Review & Smoothie Recipe

Funbites makes super-cute food cutters designed to make feeding children easier and much more fun.  These darling cutters were designed by a mom whose daughter was a picky eater.  She needed a little more pizazz in her meals to motivate healthy eating & so she came up with Funbites. We tested it out and we couldn’t agree more – eating is more fun when served in creative bites!


We tried out their hearts cutter & LOVED it.



There is no limit to what you create – just apply your imagination!


Not one to waste, I pondered what to do with the fruit scraps… and decided to freeze them overnight to make smoothies the next day…

Funbites, Smoothie Recipe

Funbites, Smoothie Recipe

So our Funbites kitchen experiment wound up giving us two delicious treats!  * See recipe below!


Hurray for Funbites!  We give them two thumbs up!

Want to make your own Funbites creations?  You can start by purchasing one of their creative cutters!

*Kiwi Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie Recipe:


2 cups chopped frozen organic kiwi, strawberries & watermelon

1 & ½ cup milk (almond milk works great)

1 teaspoon honey (optional)


Combine all ingredients together in a blender and puree until smooth.

The glass smoothie straws can be purchased from Glass Dharma!

Cai Dixon is a mom and co-creator of Copy-Kids. Copy-Kids makes video content encouraging positive habits in young children by encouraging them to copy other kids. Their debut release is a DVD entitled Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables. In it you’ll find children joyfully eating fruits and vegetables. Kids watching it want to join in. It’s that simple. And it’s effective. Find them at Copy Kids.

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  1. I love FunBites! Thank you for sharing this wonderful review. My kids like to use FunBites to cut up food like tortillas, and I must admit just to play with them! Jennifer at