Ladybug Birthday Cake | Make Your Little One Smile

Ladybug Cake

Birthday cakes are an important part of celebrating any child’s birthday. But, they can also be very costly. Well, we have a Ladybug birthday cake recipe that would be adorable for any little one’s birthday – without breaking the bank! With just a few extra steps, you can have a professional looking cake that is easy to make and will save the expense of buying one! Plus, a cake made by Mom is always special and will add to the birthday memories!

Ladybug Birthday Cake Recipe


Pillsbury’s Moist Supreme Devils food cake mix
oil 1/2 cup (according to cake mix)
eggs 3 eggs (according to cake mix)

Homemade Icing:

Please note: You can use store-bought icing, but homemade is recommended. Homemafe icing makes the cake seem much more fluffy.

one stick of unsalted butter
one teaspoon of vanilla
one fourth cup of water
powdered sugar
red food coloring
black food coloring

Other items needed:

large oven proof batter bowl
small oven proof batter bowl
muffin pan (lined with cupcake foils)
two Ziplock bags

Instructions for the cake:

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2) Mix cake mix, using directions on the cake mix box.

3) Pour one-half of the mixture into the large batter bowl (this will be the body of your ladybug).

4) Fill the small bowl with the mixture (this will be the ladybugs head).

5) Using the leftover mixture, fill the cupcake foils about three-fourths of the way full. Repeat this step until all remaining batter is gone (these will be your baby ladybugs).

6) Place the two bowls, and the muffin tin, into the preheated oven and bake for aprroximately 30 minutes.

7) Once the cakes are done, remove them from the oven carefully, using oven mitt or pot holders.

8) Cool completely and then remove them carefully from the bowls and tin.

9) Place the larger cake, flat side down, on a flat cookie sheet. Remember this is the body of your ladybug.

10) Remove the smaller cake from its bowl. BEFORE placing it on the cookie sheet, use the same bowl it was baked in to carefully cut out a small rounded section from one side of the smaller cake. (Do this by flipping it upside down and pressing it onto the cake – it will remove a section of cake). This will allow the smaller cake to fit firmly against the larger cake resembling the head of a ladybug.

Once your ladybug is assembled it is time to decorate!

Instructions for the Icing:

1) To make the homemade icing, mix together the unsalted butter, vanilla, and water in a mixing bowl.

2) Once this is mixed well, start adding the powdered sugar a small amount at a time until desired consistency is achieved. Be careful not to add to much at once, this could cause the icing to be clumpy.

3) After the icing is mixed well, divide the icing in half.

4) Take the red food coloring and add it to half of the icing, until it is the desired shade of red.

5) Repeat this step with the black food coloring as well. Black food coloring tends to turn vanilla icing grey, unless enough is used. Therefore, it may require a larger amount of black to get the desired color.

6) Once you have the icing at the desired colors, place the red icing into a Ziplock bag using a spoon or spatula. Do the same for the black icing. After the bags are filled, seal them tightly.

7) Cut off the tips of each bag. Using Ziplock bags makes icing the cake much easier, and a lot less messy.

Decorating the Ladybug Cake:

1) Using the black icing, carefully squeeze it onto the cake section, making approximately four circles. Also, draw a line of black icing down the middle of the lady bug to resemble the outline of the wings.

2) Next, use the black icing to completely cover the ladybugs head.

3) Using the red icing, fill in the rest of the cake.

4) After completing the ladybug, use the rest of the icing to repeat the process on the cupcakes. These are the cute ladybug babies!

Once you are finished, use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess icing from around your ladybug.

Please note: Applying the black icing, before the red, works best.

Don’t worry if it is not exact and you don’t have perfect circles or lines. That is all a part of being a homemade cake. Have fun with it! Your little one will still have a smile on their face!