Making it to the End of the School Year

This time of year is tough for a lot of people in education – teachers, students, and parents. The end of the school year is near, but still well over a month a way, and there are often a lot of end-of-year things going on. There are some things you as a family can do to make your life easier, and also to help give your teachers a smile.

Making it to the End of the School Year

Tips for Making it to the End of the School Year

– If you often give end-of-year gifts to teachers, consider giving one a little earlier. This help spreads out the warm feelings the teacher feels when being appreciated.

– If you have time in your schedule, ask your school how you can help with end-of-year events, concerts, etc. You’ll get some extra insight to the school and they’ll get an extra set of helping hands.

– Stay organized! Schedules get even busier the last few weeks of the year, so make sure everything is written down in and go over daily and weekly plans with those who will be responsible. In our house, I’ll give my husband a weekly heads-up on Sundays, and then each morning remind him who he needs to pick up and when.

– Don’t slack. It can be really tempted for students to assume grades are pretty much set right now. But staying on top of their game will not only make their work really shine this year, it will help them retain more for future years. A little bit of sliding soon leads to a lot, and you don’t want to slump so early that things dip!

– Enjoy the moment. It can be tempting to look forward to the summer and vacation and days off from school. But there’s plenty to be enjoyed in the day-to-day grind, so help your kids look for the positive in every day.

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