Shapes with Grapes: An artful snack!

Saw a wonderful post over at The Artful Parent about making grape and toothpick sculptures.  We didn’t have toothpicks on hand so we decided to try skewers instead… Obviously, toothpicks would be a whole lot easier for little hands to manipulate – so toothpicks are on the top of our grocery list for next time.

Shapes with Grapes An Artful Snack

Photo Credit: The Artful Parent


Skewers (We used Good Cook skewers, but toothpicks would be better!)

Shapes with Grapes An Artful Snack


1) Poke the skewer ends into the grapes gently.
2) Attach to the next grape and skewer much like Tinker Toys.
3) Have fun and build with abandon!
*Caution & intense supervision is advised. The skewers are sharp!

You can start with simple shapes…

Shapes with Grapes An Artful Snack

Then move on to more complex structures…

Shapes with Grapes An Artful Snack

And just for fun, try writing your name!

Shapes with Grapes An Artful Snack

Of course it all ends with a delightful, healthful snack.  Leftover grapes?  No problem… Try freezing them on skewers for a delicious treat later.  See this great post at Make and Takes for inspiration!

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